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EURL REG-CANAL undertakes to ensure that the work is carried out properly, that deadlines are met, to guarantee that commitments are respected and thus to
ensure the health and safety of all its employees, clients and other persons who may be affected by the company’s activities.

construction work

REG CANAL is specialised in construction in the fields of industry and energy.

equipment rental

REG CANAL offers you its quality equipment for your industrial and energy projects.

provision of personnel

REG CANAL offers you its qualified personnel for your industrial and energy projects.

heat treatment

REG CANAL has the necessary equipment and qualifications for heat treatment projects.

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More than 6 years of experience

REG-CANAL has, with hindsight and experience, acquired the competence to
planning of such operations and thus to lead or accompany a project from the
project from the study phase to its completion.

To this end, we are at your disposal to bring to a successful conclusion any
operation that you choose to entrust to us.

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our specialty

Project management

EURL REG-CANAL takes care of the satisfaction of its customers and its good performance and for this reason each commitment or activity carried out must respect the laws and regulations in force. In addition, in order to achieve this, the company ensures and protects its rights as well as those the client’s rights by summarizing them in contracts that will be concluded by both parties. EURL REG CANAL is committed to developing and implementing management, health and safety and safety programmes in accordance with this policy. In addition, it offers its services as a subcontractor or service provider in the various sectors.

possitive feedback

client satisfaction

"To our complete satisfaction the work was carried out by REG CANAL in a professional manner."
Lahcene Rezigui
" REG CANAL has executed the services requested in the framework of the CIMENTERIE Chlef project in compliance with the terms of the contract in terms of quality of the equipment and contractual deadlines."
Redha Khales
Project Manager at Entrepose Algérie
"The work carried out by REG CANAL on our sites has been carried out to the highest standard."
Manager Company carrying out the work Gas

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